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Individual Therapy

Therapy is an honest and open effort in self-inquiry with the guidance of a trained professional. Within the safety and support of the counseling environment, you can reflect on what’s working and not working in your life and develop new ways to meet these challenges. People come to therapy for many reasons and most will tell you that some resistance came up when they considered it. These feelings are natural. What helps is making a firm commitment to get the support you need. The strength of this promise can get you through the initial hesitation.


What can you expect from therapy?

· To be treated with honesty, respect and compassion

· To be heard
· To develop new skills in self awareness and communication
· To grow and progress toward your personal goals

 How can you best benefit from therapy?
· To show up and work for the changes you want to see in your life
· To stick with your commitment even when things get hard
· To be open to trying new ways of being and thinking
· To practice new skills and report back the shifts in your experience

Informed Consent and HIPAA Forms


download Informed consent pg. 1                     download HIPAA policies pg. 1

download Informed consent pg. 2                     download HIPAA policies pg. 2

download Informed consent pg. 3                     download HIPAA signature pg.

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