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I provide Supervision for LPC-Interns that are completing their 3000- hour requirement for Licensing by the Texas State Board of Examiners for Professional Counselors. Most of the interns I supervise work within a Social service or Counseling agency in which they see clients to fulfill their direct and indirect service hours. I offer weekly supervision of Counseling work they provide.


Supervision Philosophy

I work collaboratively with interns to help them discover how their unique approach supports their emerging professional identity. Supervision is a place of reflection where you can look at and refine your counseling approach. It is also a place to put into perspective the day-to-day work experiences involving, co-workers, bosses and administration. With the complexity of therapy services today it’s especially important in your work to have regular self-care and good self-awareness.


Underlying Themes in Counselor Supervision

-To teach interns how to turn unorganized data into theme and concepts

-To connect assessment, diagnosis, treatment planning and intervention

-To translate psychosocial information into treatment goals which generate therapeutic action

-To insure the welfare of clients

-To teach counselor ethics in way that upholds the profession and the counselor

LPC Supervision

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